What makes Crafthouse different as a
Franchise & Restaurant


Crafthouse isn’t your typical cookie-cutter franchise. Here at Crafthouse, we are all about “Eat Local – Drink Local – Support Local”. What that means is at every Crafthouse there will be something unique that it offers. Every Crafthouse will have its core menu items such as our giant Bavarian Pretzel with house-made beer cheese or the Crafthouse Burger with crunchy peanut butter but will also offer a large local offering. Each location is in charge of which craft beers to put on draft and which spirits and whiskeys to have on hand. 

Crafthouse Franchising wants our franchisees to be innovative and creative, they are the ground force who knows exactly what their area demands.  If your area has a need or is known for a particular food item or cocktail, then you as the franchisee can craft it, and as the Franchisor we will run it through our test kitchen for quality control and perfection.  

Crafthouse allows its franchisees to utilize their local vendors to help support the local area whether it is a local bakery for fresh bread & buns or craft beer from a local brewery, spirits from a local distillery or produce from local farms.   What sells in California may not sell in Florida or Maine, so why force a franchisee to do so?! Every town and city in America has something great to offer and we intended to make sure to highlight it!  As guests go from one Crafthouse to another they will get to experience something familiar with the option of trying something new from the local area.